We’re Back!

After a (cough, cough) year hiatis, the Zoids Warroom is back!
“Oh gosh! Where have you been all this time?” you may ask. Raising a whole new litter of little zoid builders, that’s what. Got to have priorities, you know.
But now we’re back, at on our very own site. Doubtless, you’ve already noticed some changes. “But…Why not just take all the old stuff and upload it to the new site?” Because, that’s why. The last site was ambitious. Nothing less than a comprehensive database of all the Zoids, color variations, accessories, and all the other odds and ends that make up the legacy of the greatest toy franchise known to man. And woman. And kids. The greatest franchise known to man, woman, and kids. Was this too ambitious? Was this too much for one zoider to take on? Did it eventually fall apart under the inertia of its own weight? Yes, hai, ja, si, and damn skippy. And in the meantime, Wikia kind of did that job anyway.
Since a comprehensive cyclopedia on all things Zoid was an inevitable failure, why are we back to this place?
Because Zoids are awesome. And they deserve more than for a zoider to just turn battery-cover up, waving their legs helplessly in the air. So instead of trying to eat an elephander bite by bite, we’re just going to celebrate how awesome Zoids are. One at a time, as best we can. Lets not spend so much time obsessing about the caps that we forget about how wonderful the completed build is.
So grab a glass of brandy, get comfy in a chair in front of the fire, and enjoy. Maybe pet your Zeekdober. Maybe take a nap, too. I’m not in a hurry. And neither should you be.